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The Genius


     Is a multidisciplinary artist, activist, painter, muralist, photographer, and social sculptor. His subjects usually include the Divine Female Figure, Native American culture, Imperialism, Colonialism, and Capitalism. His work is associated with graffiti counterculture.

     The use of gold and gold paint mixtures depicted through his work is his signature. Born in 1990, Landeros grew up along the Texas-Mexico border region known as the Rio Grande Valley.  This unique area of the country is one rich in tradition, history, and culture – drawing much of its strength from the integration of two cultures living side by side despite being separated by an international boundary.

     The son of a community organizer, Landeros himself took a stand for his beliefs at an early age, successfully petitioning local city leaders for the creation of his community’s first skate park.  Skateboarding and Hip Hop graffiti culture were Uriel’s first introduction to the art world. After graduating from IDEA Public Schools, Landeros studied art at the University of Houston, where he focused on painting and sculpture while shaping his own worldview and social consciousness.

     Landeros’  activism and bold stand on the art world in general has been documented by CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, The Independent Newspaper, Yahoo News, KPRC Channel 2, ABC,NBC, and Fox.

     In 2012 Landeros became the youngest artist in Mexican history to have an exhibition in a Bellas Artes Institution when “The Disrespectful” debuted at Mexico City’s Museo De Arte Carrillo Gil.

     In 2015 Landeros directed a short film titled “La Tortuga Mariposa Ayotzinapa,“and traveled to Ayotzinapa province of Guerrero Mexico to paint a mural in commemoration of the disappearing 43 students of the University Normal Rural Isidro Burgos.

     Currently, Landeros works as the Artist in Residence for IDEA Public Schools creating art projects focused on school pride, culture, power, and spirit trough art. His murals and public works can be seen in cities across Texas, many of them created through a resin and gold mixture which he invented.

La Conquista


“At the time, I connected that image of a bull with this situation going on around us. It represents Wall Street, which is connected to the Occupy movement, capitalism, and the one percent.“It also represents my own background and the Mexican tradition of bull-fighting, which is originally from Spain . . . And then there’s Picasso, even people who don’t know much about art know Picasso. He’s from Spain too, which again connects to the whole Conquista.”